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Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Business Entrepreneurship (PGDM - BE)
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Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India
Alumni Testimonials

EDI is the best platform for those who want to enjoy the thrill of entrepreneurship. The programme offered by EDI gives an understanding of business and all related aspects. It covers issues in business from the perspective of different experts. I enjoyed services management specialization which gave me a clear understanding of running a service enterprise. I learnt the finer nuances of service delivery which put a major impact on consumers' mind and affect consumer behavior. My experience at EDI is one of the best experience of my academic life. I gained a lot of practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge. The biggest advantage of this course is that it has given me the confidence to do what I want to. All the faculty members at EDI are very helpful, which is the main reason why students come up with a bankable business plan. So my message to all the budding entrepreneurs is " Join EDI and enjoy the thrill of entrepreneurship."

Nilesh Jain,
Dahyabhai Chhotalal Charity Foundation (Remik) sponsored Silver Medal for scholastic Performance in Services Management.

I am working on developing my product(hair oil) and am planning to launch it in August/September 2013.

It is worth spending 2 years at EDI to acquire learning of Entrepreneurship. The knowledge that I acquired totally changed my mindset on so many critical areas related to business. I have been able to make a tangible contribution to my family business. The environment at EDI is 'charged' and makes for a perfect setting for acquiring 'knowledge'.

Ankit Jaiswal
Dahyabhai Chhotalal Charity Foundation (Remik) sponsored Silver Medal for scholastic Performance in New Enterprise Creation.

Two years at EDI, Ahmedabad were filled with acquiring learning skills, self- motivation and allowed me to explore numerous ideas as also network. The serene and beautiful campus made learning easy. The interaction with numerous faculty and consultants helped me broaden my vision, remain focused and manage my time better. I will be joining my family business and look forward to making worthwhile contribution in terms of its diversification, modernization and expansion.

Rounak Agarwal,
Dahyabhai Chhotalal Charity Foundation (Remik) sponsored Gold Medal for scholastic Performance in Agri-Entrepreneurship.

The environment At EDI and friends, faculty and college staff helped me keep myself focused and motivated. I explored new ideas and got satisfactory result. Being in a state like Gujarat gave me opportunity to get exposed to the business world and acquire a bird's eye view of how businesses are run efficiently and effectively. I look forward to joining my family business and helping it grow according to the road map developed over the past two years under able guidance.

Monu Tulshyan,
Dahyabhai Chhotalal Charity Foundation (Remik) sponsored Gold Medal for scholastic Performance Family Business Management.

During my Course of PGDM-BE from2011-13 in EDII. Last 2 years have been the most inspirational as well as important years of my life. I got the opportunity to interact with many diverse personalities who shared their experiences and imparted on hand industry knowledge.

The best par about EDI was that there was always a helping hand available. The faculty as well as administrative staff were cooperative and had a very helpful attitude.

EDI taught me " Positive thinking always works."
Dhaval Sambhare
Business Development Officer,
J.B.S.Group of Companies

A program like PGDM-BE is hard to come by and that too a full two year program backed by strong intellectuals from varied background, global networking, strong affiliations, one of a kind program etc. is a national asset in the field of Entrepreneurship. My advice to all the new entrants and the current students – keep an open mind; don't come with a pre determined notion. You'll limit yourself in learning what the Institute has got to offer you. The Institute would open many a new ideas and opportunities even better than the one's you come in with. So keep an OPEN MIND! Coming to the specialization – Agri Entrepreneurship, with the growing population and the same amount of land to support over a billion people is going to be a challenge for the others but for an entrepreneur it is a basket of opportunities! In the coming years Agriculture is going to be a taken on a serious note due to the food security issues and others. This is the right time for anyone to be entering into the field of Agri-Business. The course Agri - Entrepreneurship / Agri – Business would enable you to analyze the current and future trends in agriculture and provide immense opportunities. Entrepreneurship is a positive intervention in the existing corporate business world. Entrepreneurship is not all about making profits but also making an impact and contributing to the society at large. It's a tough call but in the end 'We' will be victorious!

Anand N Khed, Agri – Entrepreneurship Specialization (2010-2012)

PGDM-BE program is helpful for those individuals who really want to jump into the field of entrepreneurship. Individuals with some work experience either in entrepreneurship, corporate or family business will find this course really helpful as they have already experienced the critical issues of business on field. The program emphasizes on the learning on how to scale up fast, as to start one might not need much knowledge but to scale up one surely need.

Everyone at EDI including faculty members and administration are really friendly with students. Appropriate attention is given to the students' queries and concerns. Valid suggestions from students have always been welcomed.

Hardik Thakkar, Services Management Specialization(2010-2012)

It was great experience for me at EDI by getting transformed from a business student to a Business Leader. The culture, people, environment and spending my time with different students and professor were a great experience. The Faculties at EDI have great potential in making a student to understand easily the concepts of business management. I was trained and mentored by great professors. The motivation, encouragement and dedication from EDI have made great contribution to my career.

Conducive environment at the campus make students to work for the type of venture they wanted to create and realize their dream.

Deepak Patel, Agri Entrepreneurship (2010-2012)

Getting the courage to start up your own business is the most difficult thing and what EDI has given me is the mindset and knowledge to pursue this dream.

Priya Vyas , NEC Specialization (2009-2011)

I had valuable learning and once in a life time experience during two years in EDII. What I like about EDII is one; the course structure and second; experienced and reputed faculties (Invaluable assets of EDII). It has certainly changed the way of thinking and triggered entrepreneurial instincts.

One thing which is in the environment of EDII is that everyone talks about business opportunities and those who don't, soon get trapped with this "e-ship virus".

In one line, EDII doesn't require any ranking as its best.

Prabudh Shadija ,FBM Specialization ( 2009-2011)

The experience in EDI has been quite unique, more than learning business, I got to interact with people who have either been part of the business families or have had prior experience with business, each of these interactions developed in me interest of nurturing and managing business.

It gave me confidence to explore an opportunity and a pool of resources in the form of friends and faculties to bank on in times of crisis. I am yet to own a profit making business, but that doesn't stop me from exploring opportunities, I have already collaborated with some of my friends in small, ambitious business ideas to fulfill an entrepreneurial life I see for myself."

Asher Ben, Services Management Specialization (2009-2011)

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